Nice that you are interested in a guest article. I always look forward to new topics, ideas and fresh wind because there are a variety of topics that we cannot all cover.

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A guest article for companies

A guest article is a good way to advertise the company or to upgrade your own domain with a backlink. I have over 25,000 readers per month and the chance that you will win new customers through the guest article is very high.

For companies / freelancers, Projektify e.V. charges a fee for the guest article. This fee is 99 euros and there is an invoice. There are no requirements for the guest article. You determine the length and wording.

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Your advantages

  • Author’s box with a picture and a person / company description (maximum 500 characters, including spaces)
  • Perfect for winning new customers or getting a backlink
  • Good price of 69 Euro
  • High distribution of your specialist articles through our good ranking in the search engines
  • New articles appear automatically on the homepage and in the category pages
  • Your texts will be tweeted and distributed on Facebook many interested and nice readers, who also contact you
  • Professional graphic processing and internal linking will be done for you.

Customers win through guest articles

With the help of guest articles, you can reach a new reader group and have the advantage that articles in well-known magazines or on blogs like Projektify are not as popular for readers as on corporate corporate blogs. You can use it to acquire new customers who read the article on Projektify and are then directed to your company website by a link.

Importance of a backlink through guest articles

A backlink or back reference is an incoming external link from another website to your other. For search engines, this is a primary means of how significant a website is. The number of backlinks is a factor in how important a website is and whether it enjoys a high reputation on the web.

Conditions for Guest Article

With the ordering of a Guestarticle you also accept the Conditions for a Guestarticle at

Information about the guest article

1. Is the article marked as advertising?

Normally not. Only if it includes advertisment than I need to clarify them as commerical with a small box because of the german law. If this should be a problem – just contact me and we will find a solution.

2. Is the link Dofollow or Nofollow?


3. How long does the article stay online (guaranteed term)?

As long as my blog exists at least 3 years.

4. Is the article creation included or should we deliver the article (both possible)?

I can write the article for an additional charge of 50 euros (400 words)

5. If we deliver the text, do you have any special requirements for the text creation (e.g. length of text in words, language style, address)?

No. I am completely uncomplicated and flexible!

6. How long is the processing time approximately (in working days)?

It takes a maximum of 48h

7. Must an author be specified?

It can go online anonymously or by specifying an author.

8. How can I pay?

I only accept IBAN and Paypal (no fee). Other services are excluded or must be discussed with me beforehand. There is always a bill.

9. is the article visible on the home page?

I decide this on a case-by-case basis. As a rule, it will not be visible on the home page.

10. will the article be in the Google index in any case?

I cannot guarantee this. I also take out articles if they are not indexed by Google.

11. what else do I need to know?

You can find the terms and conditions for the guest article here. You accept them with your order. However, I will explicitly point this out to you in an email.

SEO, backlinks and guest articles – everything to improve your website!

It is clear that anyone who wants to build a professional website and perhaps even generate an income with it, has one primary goal: to rank at the top of Google search results. The focus is primarily on optimal search engine optimization. But what else is there to consider, which tips and tricks can be really helpful in the area of SEO, backlinks, guest articles and Co. All this you will find out in this article! To do this, we first go into the basics of this extensive topic and then go deeper and deeper into the matter. So you will get a profound overview of the best techniques and tactics at the end.

SEO and why it is so important!

As so often when it comes to selling yourself and your product or service, a sophisticated marketing strategy is needed for a successful business on the net. So it is not only about activity, unique selling proposition and frequency, but above all about visibility. Especially on the Internet, competition is not only strong, but above all enormous. To be noticed here and to stand out from the crowd is therefore the A & O. But this can only be achieved if your own website is properly optimised for search queries from potential customers. And this is where Google’s SEO comes into play. But:

What is SEO anyway?

The abbreviation “SEO” stands for the English term “Search Engine Optimization”. The goal of SEO is to display the content of websites in promising positions in the result lists of search queries.
Since hardly anyone clicks through thousands, usually not even a handful, of search result pages, it is therefore essential for the success and visibility of a website to appear as high up as possible in search queries. However, this can only be achieved if the content and content of a website is precisely tailored to the needs of the customer. In other words, there must be the highest possible match between the user’s search term and the snippet (search results display) and landing page (country page) of your site. This is especially the case if the user can efficiently solve his problem, for example getting certain information or buying the desired product. So the better your website is adapted to the needs of your customers or readers, i.e. how well it is structured according to SEO principles, the more visible you become to users and the higher not only your traffic but also your success.

Why do I need SEO?

Beyond visibility, ranking and success of your website, there are other reasons why SEO is so important on the net.
Especially on the net, most customers find your website via the search bar on Google. The motivation on your site to “solve the problem” is therefore extremely high for your users. So SEO is usually the most important channel when it comes to gaining new customers. Because the highest possible ranking on Google can promise long-term success with SEO. Whoever manages to get to the top of the ranking of certain search terms has reached the top class, so to speak (example: Zalando has been the undisputed number one for the term “summer dresses” since the beginning of 2017). In addition, effective search engine optimization offers the advantage that ranking positions once achieved are usually very stable. This is because the emergence of sustainable sessions and the continuously satisfying solution of customer and user problems can, in the long term, build a loyal existing customer base from new customers.

Now that you have learned the basics of search engine optimization, it is now time to go deeper and clarify to what extent SEO can be implemented in a result-oriented and effective way.

SEO, backlinks and guest articles – how to optimize your website properly!

Of course SEO is not limited to the use of backlinks and guest articles. There are many different ways to build your website in a user-friendly and search engine oriented way. But in this article we would like to focus on options that can be implemented as easily as possible, even for beginners, without massive background knowledge or great effort.


Backlinks describe the principle in which “external” or “incoming” links set at deliberate points refer from one website to another. This means that users and customers can reach your site even if they did not click on it originally. Such backlinks can appear, for example, in posts by industry-relevant bloggers or in cooperation with other companies on their sites.

What role do backlinks play in SEO?

Backlinks are therefore one of the most important SEO ranking factors. After all, they contribute significantly to the online reputation of a website. The more backlinks refer to your website, the higher your reputation is and this promises customers a high value and quality of your content or offer. In addition, the trust and credibility of your site increases enormously and ensures that you are always “in the conversation” and can keep up with the big competition in the long term. This helps you to keep existing customers and above all to win many new customers. Especially for still young, fresh websites this offers the advantage that Google Bots, thanks to a high density of backlinks, find these sites more efficiently in the streets of the net and classify them as more significant. As a result, these pages rank significantly better right from the start.

How are backlinks used correctly?

However, not every backlink automatically has the same value. As so often, quantity does play a role, but quality should not be neglected. The more prominent and recognized the sites that refer to you via backlinks are, the higher the value of the external links. And Google also sees it that way. Sites that are supported by other large websites with good reviews in this form generally rank higher in search queries. Even if they may have fewer backlinks than others (because, for example, they may have many backlinks, but only from small, unknown supporters).

With backlinks, a differentiation is made between different types of backlinks:

  • Dofollow-Links: deliberate reference to another page
  • Nofollow links: deliberate reference to another site, but without any guarantee on the part of the proponent
  • Paid/sponsored links: deliberate reference to another site based on a financial trade
  • UGC links: deliberate reference to another page by users in forums or blog comments
  • Authoritative links deliberate reference to another site from trustworthy and established sources (e.g. large companies)
  • Editorially set links: deliberate reference to another page by an editor for the benefit of the reader

Guest article

Guest articles are basically available in two variants. Either you publish an article by a well-known author on your site or one of your articles is published on a well-known blog or a prominent website. In the first case, the main goal is to increase traffic on your website by making the guest author known, while in the other case, backlinks are usually set deliberately, which bring users and customers to you and your site by clicking on the link.

In this context, guest articles can therefore be an important SEO tool.

How to use guest articles on your website correctly?

Apart from the right author (for guest articles on your site) or the right website (for guest articles on other sites), it is of course primarily about the content. This must not only be informative and result-oriented, but also make reading it enjoyable and of course be connected to you and your website in some way. Only if the customers or users recognize an added value in your content, they will remain loyal to your site in the long run or are willing to click on the backlink.

5 important tips for guest contributions

In addition, it can help to follow these tips in the area of guest contributions:

1. promote the guest article:
If you do not advertise for yourself and your website, you will only manage to increase traffic in the long term to a limited extent via guest articles. Good possibilities to promote are for example the social media platforms.

2. no one-night stands:
If you want to use guest articles as a successful SEO tool, then you should use this tool regularly. Over a certain period of time you can also find out what kind of content is well received by users and accordingly provide better and better guest articles.

3. link correctly:
If you write a guest article including a backlink to your website, it is also important to set the right link. Never just link to your homepage, because most users don’t want to click through your menu to find the right subpage. Instead, the link should lead directly to the advertised product/service or to another similar article on your own website. In other words: The backlink is the connection from another website to your own and should therefore follow a red thread.

4. write the guest article intentionally worse:
Many people think that it is better to write the guest article comparatively worse than the articles on your own website, in order to knock the reader out again after a link click. But that hardly makes sense. Because if you can’t convince with your article on an external site, hardly any user will see an added value in clicking on your backlink. Instead, you should offer the same quality in your guest articles as in those on your own website.

5. choosing the right blog:
Last but not least, it’s very important to choose the right website for your guest article. In addition to blogs relevant to the topic and industry, you should also look for serious and prominent websites. Often it can take a little longer before you can publish your article here, because the requests for such a thing on such sites are usually very highly frequented. At the same time, you can increase your traffic much more sustainable with this quality feature than with small “spam pages” without any real added value.

Paid article (sponsored posts)

A sponsored post (or paid article) is an item paid for by the advertiser. The sponsored posts or paid article are usually delivered by the customer and form an important part of the reach of companies. It is conducted and created in consultation with the customer. German press law requires a clear separation of editorial content and advertising. In order to guarantee our readership maximum transparency in this respect. For this purpose bloggers have to mark them. This is important for compliance with German law. According to the guidelines of search engines, outbound links in sponsored posts are set to rel=”nofollow” in the HTML code.

Sponsored Posts or paid articles can be used as an extended arm of content marketing and contribute to the achievement of various goals. Reach or customer acquisition are the typical advantages of such sponsored posts or paid articles. However, this presupposes that the article is read attentively and with pleasure.

A disadvantage of sponsored posts or paid articles is the expense. The design and target group-oriented placement require a certain amount of care. A high-quality text is just as important as embedding it in a thematically appropriate environment. The costs of sponsored posts or paid articles depend on the target group and placement on the one hand, but also on the design effort. And another tip: Visual elements such as images or videos of the products illustrate the text in a simple and appealing way.

There is now even a search engine for finding suitable blogs. Sponsored Posts or paid articles are therefore now a large field and the focus of many companies. In general, the higher the quality and the better the articles are, the more customers the company will gain in the long run. So it also means to invest some time into a good article and that takes not only 10 minutes but some time. The advertising effectiveness of the article does not only depend on its presentation, above all the content should be the focus of the design. Here the enterprise should exchange itself intensively with the Blogger.

Link rental

An alternative to sponsored posts or paid articles is link rental. Here, a link is rented to the company and integrated into an existing article. Link rental is an important advertising measure for companies and often cheaper than paid articles. Whether link rental is relevant for you depends on many factors. We generally recommend paid articles or sponsored articles rather than link rental. The prices are also very different here: If you have less than 15.000 per month you can be part of it with only 25 Euro. From a number of 100.000 you have to calculate with at least 150 Euro for link rental.

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As you can see, SEO, backlinks and guest articles have a significant impact on the ranking and visibility of your site in Google search results. Based on the fact that Google is probably one of the most used search engines on the web, such a high position in the ads is essential for traffic and therefore the success of your website. So there is no question that optimizing your site according to SEO principles is a must if you want to beat the competition, constantly attract new customers and build a stable long-term customer base.

While many fresh website operators fear their lack of know-how in this area, our article shows you that even with comparatively easier and simpler tactics, such as backlinks or guest articles, it is quite easy to increase the ranking success of your own website.

However, it is also important to maintain a high quality here. This means on the one hand that the content should be regularly adapted to the needs of the customer users, but also that the content of guest articles and the partners for backlinks should be kept on a high level.

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