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Hi, wir sprechen Deutsch aber listen unseren Shop hier auf Englisch da wir es schon so zusammengeschrieben hatten ???? 
Bei Fragen einfach melden! 

Key Facts

  • Build by a professional team
  • Start up phase is done. Selling shop with full post-sale support
  • Print-On-Demand Shop
  • Unique technology: printing on functional materials (polyester etc.)
  • Great niche due to a lack of competitors
  • Unique designs
  • Great looking website
  • Specialized printing partner 
  • Low running costs
  • Ready to scale
  • Opportunity to be a leader in a new market

What does the business do? How do you make money? is a Print-On-Demand business. Meaning that a design is getting printed on an item after the customer places his order. 

The customer pays when buying the item -> the order gets fullfilled and shipped from our partner in Germany directly to the customer. 

The printing partner than sends his invoice once a month for the t-shirts/ items he has printed. Since the customers have already paid, the costs for the printing/ fullfillment is already covered.  

That keeps the costs low, is low risk but also gives the possibility to offer a bigger selection of designs to choose from. 

Currently we sell different types of t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and cups.

Our printing partner also has many more items that could easily be integrated into the shop.

What makes it unique and special?

We have a great printing partner located in Germany that can print whatever design one desires. He has many different maschines that are especially designed to print on certain types of fabrics/ materials. 
We are one of very few shops that offer Print-On-Demand for functional clothing. For example t-shirts made out of polyester. 
Traditional printing methods don’t work on polyester. It was a collaboration between us and the print shop to define the process and find the right kind of materials. 

Designs can be printed on the front & back side and also on the sleeves. 

Our functional wear is made from 100 % recyled polyester. 
All other clothing products are made from premium organic cotton.
The colors used for printing are certified eco-friendly (OEKO-TEX 100) and also the packaging is environmentally friendly.

What is your fulfilment process like?

Our shop has an integration with the printing partner via an app. In the app one can choose the desired item, upload and place a design and automatically integrate the new item into the shop. 
After the customer buys an item, the printing partner fullfills the order and ships out the finished product directly to his adress.

How much time do you spend on the business each week? 

The shop doesn’t need much attention itself. Everything runs automatically: the fullfillment, the creation of invoices, the notifications to the customer etc. 
The main time spent on the business is the creation of new compelling ads for Meta (Facebook/ Instagram). Once the image/ video is made, the creation of a new ad-campaign takes only a few minutes. Then you leave the campaign running and check it after a couple of days for evaluation. 
Also the creation of the images/videos for new ads can easily and cheaply be outsourced (e.g. Fiverr). 
Other than that, one should invest some time to find/ create new designs for the items for sale. 
All together the time effort is about a few hours a week.

How do you acquire customers? 

The main method is via Facebook/ Instagram advertisement. There one can select the desired country, age group and interests. 
We also sold to sports clubs, companies and other leisure clubs.  

And we received many orders that came form word to mouth recommendations.

Why are you selling?

Our business model is to create new online shops with a high potential and to sell them to motivated people to run. This shop is all set-up, tried and tested. Therefore it is ready to be sold and to be run by somebody eager to get into the world of e-commerce. Our passion is to create new businesses! We are simply not that interested in online marketing in general, which is the main task to run a successfull online shop. 

How could the new owner make it bigger and better?

Run creative ads on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. Experiment with different formats and scale the most successful ones.
Add customer reviews (with pictures) on the website. 
Do collaborations with influencers. 
Focus on email marketing by sending out weekly emails to keep the previous customers/ subscribers (for example with Klaviyo).. 

Additional Notes:

You can do the creation of basic ads yourself without any skills necessary.
For more advanced/ creative ads it would be handy if you have some knowledge of programs like photoshop and a video editing software. 
There are plenty of free courses available on youtube.
But the creation of more advanced/ creative ads can also easily be outsourced, for example to Fiverr.
We offer a post-sale support to show you how everything works and to help you get started. Other than that, Facebook also offers free marketing support to help you set up successul campaigns. 


The site has been running on a very low marketing budget since the beginning. We are a team of professional website/ e-commerce brand creators. Our job is to find a great niche, do market research, meet and negotiate with suppliers/ partners, create compelling products, set up and run the site.
We run this site for 6 months to show it’s potential and in this time we generated a impressive revenue stream for the little marketing money we put into. 
So far me made about 7300 € (6 months) with an average monthly marketing budget of 170 €.  




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